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ISSUE #5, FALL 2018
Themed Issue: FlipTech East Coast 2018

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Dear Flipped Learning Network Community,

Flipped Learning Today welcomes you back to another inspirational year of teaching and leveraging the flipped learning approach to engage your students. As we move into our second year of the official newsletter of the Flipped Learning Network, we have decided to focus this issue on our highly successful resurgence of FLN-sponsored conferences. We collaborated with the Collingswood Public Schools in New Jersey for the FlipTech East Coast Conference of 2018. Dave Walsh, current FLN Board Member conceived of and coordinated the conference and tells us, “This isn’t just a regional conference, but an international gathering of the best minds in flipped learning and educational technology.”  In fact, we had flippers from Colombia and Singapore joining us, as well as from all across the U.S. for a two-day event that included keynotes, interactive presentations, a student panel, and an informal unconference.

The articles in this issue provide those of you unable to attend the conference with an opportunity to experience some of it vicariously. Perhaps most notable is our interview for this issue. Aaron Sams presented the keynote address for the conference and Andrew Swan, FLN community member, interviews him, giving you an opportunity to benefit from Aaron’s perspectives on flipped learning as someone who pioneered it and is now revisiting his original ideas through a broader lens – very enlightening!

In place of our other regular features, we have invited a number of conference presenters to write up their work to be included in our newsletter. Kyle Niemis writes about how to best approach the wedding of flipped learning and Universal Design for Learning (UDL), which launches us on a path to multiple options and choices for different types of learners. AJ Bianco shares his presentation on a hot topic in all of education recently, personalized learning, and how flipped learning makes it even more robust, but not necessarily in the way you might expect. Diana Carolina Durán Bautista describes her research-based implementation of flipped learning in a college language program and how it evolved over several semesters, showing us, in detail, the steps in the process. In addition to presentations, the conference offered an opportunity for graduate credit, through Lindsay Stephenson, and you can read more about that in this issue.

At Flipped Learning Today, our mission remains to bring you the latest in flipping and to keep you up-to-date in a fast-paced field that is developing before our eyes daily. As we do in each issue, we have included links to other organizations and conferences focused on flipping and to resources and information newly made available. If you missed any of our previous four issues, be sure to check them out for many intriguing articles and useful information (look for “PRIOR EDITIONS” in the grey menu bar towards the top of the page). We like to hear from you, so let us know what we can do to make this publication essential reading for you and all flippers!

Our next issue will come out in this winter. If you have an interest in writing an article, be sure to reach out to us. For more information, to make a suggestion, or to propose an article, contact Andrew Swan, andrew@flippedlearning.org.

A final note: I have thoroughly enjoyed developing this newsletter for the FLN community and, as its first editor, I know I leave it in excellent hands in passing the torch to Andrew Swan, the new Editor of Flipped Learning Today. Andrew is a middle school social studies teacher in Newton, MA and has long advocated for flipped learning and its potential for all subject areas. He has been of great help in putting this issue together, obtaining and editing several of the articles and conducting the interview with Aaron Sams. I am confident that our publication will continue to inspire flippers and reach a wide audience under his expert stewardship.

Thank you to all our readers and I wish you happy flipping!

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Contact me: Helaine W. Marshall, Ph.D., Editor   helaine@flippedlearning.org

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Graduate Credit for FlipTech East Coast? YES!

by Helaine W. Marshall

This conference provided a new opportunity for participants: earn graduate credit by participating in the conference and enrolling in a course to process the material. Lindsay Stephenson, an early adopter of flipped learning, arranged for the credit and to be the instructor of the course through her institution of higher education, Dominican University of California.

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Flipped Learning TODAY Interviews ‘The Accidental Guru’ Aaron Sams

by Andrew Swan

In this video, Andrew Swan talks with renowned and widely respected flipped learning pioneer Aaron Sams about his FlipTech 2018 Keynote, what he has been up to the last few years, and his current state of mind when it comes to teaching and learning.

read more and watch the interview

Flipped Learning and UDL (Universal Design for Learning)

by Kyle Niemis

Many of us try to make lessons that are fun, differentiated, hands-on, realistic, and a thousand other things. But no matter how amazing we think these lessons may be, in a class of 20 or more we are bound to have some students who think it’s too fast, too slow, or who already knew some of the information, are simply not interested…

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Flipping Foreign Language Courses – The Class Preparation Session Strategy

by Diana Carolina Durán Bautista

The aim of my FlipTech 2018 presentation was to introduce the Class Preparation Session strategy (CPS) and how it has been implemented to support students’ learning in an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) Program at the Universidad de la Sabana in Colombia. Educators from the USA, Singapore and Colombia gathered…

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Personalized Learning and Student Choice in the Classroom

by AJ Bianco

I geared this session toward all audiences: classroom teachers, building leaders, subject supervisors, or even those looking to build on their professional development opportunities. My goal was to discuss the implementation of learning menus as a strategy to increase choice and agency, to better integrate meaningful activities, and to require a greater depth of knowledge.

We got started with a Turn-And-Talk warmup …

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