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Themed Issue: Language Instruction

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Welcome to our first themed issue!
All articles relate to flipping language education

Dear Flipped Learning Network Community,

Last year we launched a number of initiatives, one of which was this one – our newsletter – Flipped Learning Today. This issue, our fourth, marks one full year since we put out our first issue in April of 2017. As we move into our second year of the official newsletter of the Flipped Learning Network, we have decided to introduce the concept of a themed issue. As announced earlier this year, our first themed issue will take a deep dive into an area of flipped learning that has not necessarily been in the forefront of the FL community – flipping language instruction. This includes: English Language Arts, World Languages, English as a Second Language (ESL), and English as a Foreign Language (EFL). All are represented here. As with our other issues, our mission is to bring you the latest in flipping and keeping you up-to-date in a fast-paced field that is developing before our eyes daily.

Our regular features include: How and Why I Started Flipping; Pillar Corner, where we focus on one of the Four Pillars of F-L-I-P in each issue; Tool Tips, where we take a close look at one specific technology application useful for flipping your instruction; The Interview: an extended video conversation with one of the early adopters of flipped learning; and Spotlight on an FLN Member, where a member of our community shares a current project related to flipping in a specific classroom context.

In this issue, in How and Why I Started Flipping, Birgit Jensen shares her story of how she began her flipped learning adventures in teaching German, focusing on culture and multicultural critical thinking activities. Ilka Kostka is our Pillar Corner writer, focusing on the Intentional Content Pillar, Indicator #2. I create and/or curate relevant content (typically videos) for my students. Juliana Díaz writes our Tool Tips section, looking at one of her favorite applications, PlayPosit, a tool for turning lectures into real interactive lessons with built-in accountability. For this issue’s Interview, Kelly Walsh, our FLN Community Administrator, talks with April Gudenrath, a high school English teacher, pioneer flipper, and current FLN Board Member. Finally, the Spotlight on an FLN Member shines on three colleagues who have collaborated on an academic skills project at their writing center: Robin Gbur, Nikki Holland and Doe Kim. We hope you enjoy our fourth issue. Contact information for all the authors is posted with their bios, and you should feel free to contact them.

In each issue, we will also include links to other organizations focused on flipping and to resources and information newly made available. If you missed our prior issues, be sure to check them out for many intriguing articles and useful information (see the Prior Editions link on the right in the menu bar above).

Our next issue will come out in the fall. If you have an interest in writing an article, be sure to contact me. We also welcome ideas for future themed issues, so send those along as well!

Let us know what we can do to make this publication essential reading for you and all flippers!

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Spotlight on FLN Members … Robin Gbur, Nikki Holland, Doe Kim

Tool Tip – Positing THE tool in my English classes … Juliana Díaz

Why I Started Flipping … Birgit A. Jensen

Early Adopter Interview … April Gudenrath

Pillar Corner: It all started with content – Flipping TOEFL test prepIlka Kostka

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It all started with content: Flipping TOEFL test prep

by Ilka Kostka

When I think about why I started flipping three years ago, I realize now that content was my primary motivation. At the time, I didn’t know anything about the Flipped Learning Network, its four pillars, and what flipped learning really entailed. All I had heard about flipped learning was that students work on classwork at home and work on homework in class, and I was intrigued about the possibility …

… read more

Positing THE tool in my English classes

by Juliana Díaz

I am an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher who is always looking for new ways to engage my students. Disengagement has been an issue in my classes since many of my elementary level students are shy and don’t not want to participate in communicative tasks due to a perceived lack of speaking strategies, vocabulary range and grammar knowledge.

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A Multilingual Student Cohort … Applying Flipped Learning to an Unfamiliar Context

As faculty working with language learners in a writing center in a non-profit, competency-based, fully-online university, we see flipped learning as a pedagogical methodology that creates a critical opportunity for our students to engage with peers, faculty, and writing concepts in an individualized way.

… read more

Interview with EFL/ESL Teacher April Gudenrath

Exploring the Flipped Language Classroom with a Flipped Learning Pioneer

In this interview, we explore this issue’s theme with long time flipper and FLN founder and Board Member April Gudenwrath. April is currently teaching English at a private school in South Korea. April has taught all grades from 6 through 12, and consulted across the breadth of K-12.

… read more and watch the interview

Why I Started Flipping

I have taught in Florida, Ohio, Vermont, and North Carolina, and everywhere my students have been fascinated with the details of the German culture I share with them whenever a question comes up: “Why are the refrigerators so small in Germany?” – “Do they have animal kill shelters there?” – Where does your chancellor live?” – “Why do Germans like riding their bikes so much?” – and so on. This hunger for cultural information goes deeper than just curiosity …

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