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Andrew Swan teaches 8th grade US History/Government at Bigelow MS in Newton Massachusetts, where we has worked since 2004. Andrew has been flipping nearly all direct instruction since 2013. He is a FLN Board Member and a Co-Director of The SSChat Network. His teenaged children and wonderful wife usually indulge his blogging, tweeting, golfing, & other strange behaviors. You can contact Andrew on Twitter @flipping_A_tchr and his website: www.flippingawesometeaching.com.

Spotlight Video Interview: Alex Nixon

You will notice a different accent in this edition’s Spotlight Interview: Alex Nixon teaches middle/high school science in a British model (IB, A-level, and...

Spotlight Video Interview: Keith “Hip” Hughes

There are many great STEM and world-language flippers in this community, and I hope to interview some of them for future editions of this...

How I Started Flipping

My flipping journey began in 1994, when I was a high-school junior in Maine. Two friends and I got an after-school/summer job at a...