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Behind the Scenes at the Flipped Learning Network: What We Do


The “Who We Are” page on flippedlearning.org gives a broad overview of the organization and our goals, explaining that, “We are here to connect educators all across the world in our common interest: providing the best educational experience we can to the students we teach.” But what does that mean in a practical sense? Just what do we do to further that intention on a day to day basis? Allow me to provide some insights.

One of the main ways we seek to connect the worldwide community of flipped educators and others interested in learning more about the flipped learning approach is through online platforms. We have numerous web sites and social media channels where we share original content, and content that has been shared by others. Here is a quick breakdown of the platforms where we share articles, podcasts, “How To’s”, interviews, videos, and other resources intended to provide insights into flipped teaching and learning and more:

  • The Flipped Learning Network web site (flippedlearning.org): This is our main site where we share original and syndicated content (more on that below).
  • Our Podcasts: The Ask the FLN podcast has been running for a few years, managed by current FLN Board Chair Ken Bauer. This year, Matthew T. Moore started a new podcast, The Teacher’s Lounge.
  • Flipped Learning TODAY (flt.flippedlearning.org): A seasonal digital newsletter that we’ve been publishing for several years now.
  • The FlipTech conferences web site (fliptech.flippedlearning.org): This is where we keep people informed about upcoming conferences.
  • Twitter (@flippedlearning): Here we share the content from the sites above, and other great content published elsewhere, typically tagged with “#flippedlearning” and “#flipclass”. Several FLN Board Members also take turns moderating a #flipclasschat live-tweeting session almost every Monday (starting at 8pm Eastern US time).
  • Facebook (facebook.com/FlippedLearningNetwork): This the other primary social media site where we share content and connect with the community.
  • YouTube and Instagram: We don’t have a lot of content on these platforms, but these are two other social media channels we use.
  • Slack: As of this writing, the community has over 600 members, sharing content, insights, questions, and connecting with others (click here to learn how to join our Slack team).

Nearly every day, in my role as Community Administrator for the FLN, I work on several of these platforms to make new content available, and to share some of the wonderful resources that have been developed and published by members of this ever-growing community. Our main site combines original content with syndicated content from educators who have been kind enough to allow us to syndicate posts from their blogs (using the open source FeedWordPress plug-in, for those techies reading this). This is a good time to give a shout out to FLN Board member Matthew T. Moore, who has been a prime contributor to the site, creating numerous sets of How To training series.

One of the tools I use to bring efficiency to the sharing of this content on our social media channels is Hootsuite. Hootsuite lets users schedule posts to multiple social media sites at the same time, making it much easier than doing individual posts on each channel throughout the day.

The other, very important way that we love to connect educators is face-to-face! Last summer we held the first “FlipTech” conference in Collingswood, New Jersey, and it was a great success. This year we are hosting two conferences! FlipTech New England will take place in Waltham, Massachusetts, at the end of June and FlipTech Latin America will be held in Bogota, Columbia in September! We are very excited about these conferences and hope we see YOU at one of them. In a future “Behind the Scenes” articles, we will delve into all of the work that goes into getting one of these conferences together.

So that’s a little taste of what we do around here on a daily basis to connect with flippers everywhere, and those interested in learning more about the flipped classroom. We look forward to sharing more insights into who we are and what we do in upcoming issues of this newsletter!


Kelly Walsh
Kelly Walsh is the CIO at The College of Westchester in White Plains, NY, where he also teaches as a member of the Faculty of Administration. In 2009, Walsh founded the popular website EmergingEdTech.com, where he and others write regularly about engaging students and enhancing learning outcomes with the aid of technology as a tool. In 2013, Walsh was ranked at #3 by the Huffington Post in a listing of the “Top 100 Social CIOs in Higher Education,” and in succeeding years he has repeatedly been included in Top 100 Social CIO listings ranking CIOs across all industries. Walsh is a staunch advocate of flipped learning. In 2013, he published the eBook Flipped Classroom Workshop-in-a-Book. In June of 2016, Walsh became Community Administrator for the Flipped Learning Network.


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