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THEMED ISSUE ON LANGUAGE EDUCATION: Interview With Flipped ESL/EFL Pioneer April Gudenrath


Exploring the Flipped Language Classroom with a Flipped Learning Pioneer

In this interview, we explore this issue’s theme with long time flipper and FLN founder and Board Member April Gudenwrath. April is currently teaching English at a private school in South Korea. April has taught all grades from 6 through 12, and consulted across the breadth of K-12.

I’ve long felt that flipped learning is a great fit for the language classroom, and April certainly makes this clear. Here are a few excerpts from this brief interview to get you started!

“Tell us why flipped learning makes so much sense in the language instruction environment …”

“… when I look at my students and I ask, ‘What is the best use of their class time?’, it’s not me lecturing to them … about Shakepeare’s backgroun or Romeo and Juliet … the best use of time is to have me reading to them. In order for me to carve out that time, I will ‘flip’, and remove things that they don’t necessarily need me for”.

“I look through my instructional plan and I decide what is that they need me for and what don’t they need me for, and things they don’t really need me for I offload and use flipped technology and learning as a scaffolding tool.”

“In my Junior class right now we are in the middle of writing an internal assessment … we’ve read the book and the kids don’t need me when they are at home re-reading and finding quotes, they need me when they are actually writing their papers, so I have intentionally carved out time and we are writing almost the entire paper in class. This gives me time to walk around to each of the students.”

Come and explore the many additional advantages of the flipped learning and the language classroom with April and I. Enjoy the interview!

Kelly Walsh
Kelly Walsh is the CIO at The College of Westchester in White Plains, NY, where he also teaches as a member of the Faculty of Administration. In 2009, Walsh founded the popular website EmergingEdTech.com, where he and others write regularly about engaging students and enhancing learning outcomes with the aid of technology as a tool. In 2013, Walsh was ranked at #3 by the Huffington Post in a listing of the “Top 100 Social CIOs in Higher Education,” and in succeeding years he has repeatedly been included in Top 100 Social CIO listings ranking CIOs across all industries. Walsh is a staunch advocate of flipped learning. In 2013, he published the eBook Flipped Classroom Workshop-in-a-Book. In June of 2016, Walsh became Community Administrator for the Flipped Learning Network.


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