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ISSUE #2, FALL 2017

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Dear Flipped Learning Network Community,

This year we are launching a number of initiatives, one of which is this one – our newsletter – Flipped Learning Today. We plan to bring you the latest in flipping and keep you up-to-date in a fast-paced field that is developing before our eyes daily.

Our regular features include: How and Why I Started Flipping; Pillar Corner, where we focus on one of the Four Pillars of F-L-I-P in each issue; Tool Tips, where we take a close look at one specific technology application useful for flipping your instruction; The Interview: an extended video conversation with one of the early adopters of flipped learning; and Spotlight on an FLN Member, where a member of our community shares a current project related to flipping in a specific classroom context.

In this issue, in How and Why I Started Flipping, Andrew Swan shares his story of how he began his flipped learning adventures in middle school social studies. Carolina Rodriguez-Buitrago is our Pillar Corner writer, focusing on the Learning Culture Pillar, Indicator L1. I give students opportunities to engage in meaningful activities without the teacher being central. Matthew Moore, our newest FLN Board member, writes our Tool Tips section, looking at his favorite application, “Screencastify”. For this issue’s Interview, Kelly Walsh, our FLN Community Administrator, talks with Heather Witten, a high school Spanish teacher from the original epicenter of K-12 flipped learning, Colorado. Finally, the Spotlight on an FLN Member shines on Julie Schell, former board member and longtime colleague of Eric Mazur, originator of Peer Instruction, who shares her most recent work on effective studying in the individual learning space and introduces the Pedagogy of Retrieval. We hope you enjoy our second issue. Contact information for all the authors is posted with their bios, and you should feel free to contact them.

In each issue, we will also include links to other organizations focused on flipping and to resources and information newly made available. If you missed the first issue, be sure to check it out for many intriguing articles and useful information: http://flt.flippedlearning.org/flipped-learning-today-spring-2017/.

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Defining a Pedagogy of Retrieval … spotlight on FLN Member Julie Schell

Tool Tip: My Favorite Flipping Tool – Screencastify  … Matthew Moore

How I Started FlippingAndrew Swan

Early Flipped Learning Adopter Interview with Heather Witten

Pillar Corner: Making Student-Centered Classrooms … Carolina Rodriguez Buitrago


FlipCon 2017 Australia
October 20 & 21, 2017
Inaburra School, Sydney

The ATD LearnNow: Flipped Classroom Workshop
December 5 & 6, 2017
AT&T Hotel & Conference CenterAustin, TX

FlipTech East Coast 2018
June 29 & 30, 2018
Collingswood High School, Collingswood, NJ


Spotlight on an FLN Member

by Julie Schell 

How can I improve my students’ learning experiences, or more importantly, their experiences with learning? At its center, the design of a flipped classroom necessitates that students engage in active learning before class meetings.  If you think about the cohorts of students you teach, how do you think most of your students experience learning during out-of-class time when they are not with you?

read more

How I Started Flipping

by Andrew Swan

My flipping journey began in 1994, when I was a high-school junior in Maine. Two friends and I got an after-school/summer job at a nearby Sylvania manufacturing plant, which produced light bulb filaments by winding together coiled wires with sewing machine-like contraptions. Our assignment was to convert printed manuals into multimedia presentations for more effective employee training …

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Pillar No. 3: Learning Culture

In my field,  language teaching, building student-centered classrooms is crucial in order to guarantee authentic opportunities for students to interact and communicate in the foreign language. However, with an extensive curriculum and the need to cover vocabulary, mechanics, learning strategies, grammar structures, interaction, etc., teachers might fall into the trap of the teacher-centered or teacher-controlled classroom … (read)

Interview with the Flipped Learning Pioneer: Heather Witten

Heather is a high school spanish teacher in Colorado, where she attended one of the very first of what would become the FlipCon conferences, at the school where Jon Bergmann and Aarons Sam taught and started sharing their experiences … (read)


This edition’s Tool Tip comes from Matthew Moore, who discusses the Chromebook Screencasting App, Screencastify.

In my five years of flipping I have tried many tools to aid in my flipped classroom. There are a variety of apps and software programs that have come and gone. I make it a point to collect little bits and bobs for cell phones, cameras, and microphones  … (read)