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From the Editor’s Desk:

Let’s face it: you do not read this newsletter for actual news. The FLT is not your primary source for information about brand-new apps, cutting-edge trends, or fleeting fads.

This is where you find introspective articles that reflect the author’s real-life experience.

This is where you learn from considerate educators who volunteered time and energy to share original work.

This is where you discover new names and fresh voices.

This is where your preconceptions get firmly bolstered or thoughtfully challenged by someone who shares your desire to teach students better.

This edition has all the regular features ‒ like Robert Talbert’s Researcher’s Corner, my video Spotlight Interview with a fellow flipper, and a history teacher’s story about How and Why I Start Flipping ‒ plus a new item that will take you Behind the Scenes of the Flipped Learning Network to answer questions like What is the FLN Board? and Who posts all those tweets?

I welcome all kinds of feedback and suggestions for this publication at andrew@flippedlearning.org. The next edition should appear in July, after the FlipTech New England conference which I am also organizing.


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Using the In-Flip for Flexible Grouping

by Stephanie Quarato

Twenty-six students are sitting in your classroom. Seven of them are bored with the current topic because they know it extremely well. Four students were absent yesterday and need to actually learn the content. Eight students are showing improvement, but still need a lot of extra practice before they master the topic…

… read more

TOOL TIP: GoFormative: Do You Need the Premium Version?

by Robert Mayne

Formative is a freemium, web-based formative assessment tool that works on any device. The assignments provide educators with live feedback on student performance making student intervention or lesson redesign reflective and immediate.

… read more

How I Started to Flip Social Studies

by David Kitchen

Teachers of social studies always struggle with “covering all the content.” I guess that is true of all contents and subjects, but there’s something about covering over 4,000 years of world history or even 250 years of United States history in 160 school days that feels daunting.

… read more

Spotlight Video Interview: Alex Nixon

By Andrew Swan

Alex Nixon caught my attention earlier this winter with several thoughtful tweets in the #flipclass hashtag. Clicking on his Twitter profile led me to learn more about his “Science Sauce” resources and insights, and I soon realized that Alex deserves greater recognition in the flipped learning community.

… read more, watch interview

How does flipped learning affect student motivational needs?

by Robert Talbert

One reason why we read research literature on flipped learning is to understand exactly when and how flipped learning environments might help students learn better when compared to traditional methods. But what exactly do we mean by “learn better”?

… read more

Behind the Scenes at the FLN: What We Do

by Kelly Walsh

The “Who We Are” page on flippedlearning.org gives a broad overview of the organization and our goals, explaining that, “We are here to connect educators all across the world in our common interest: providing the best educational experience we can to the students we teach.” But what does that mean in a practical sense? Just what do we do to further that intention on a day to day basis? Allow me to provide some insights.

… read more

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