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Spotlight Video Interview: Alex Nixon


You will notice a different accent in this edition’s Spotlight Interview: Alex Nixon teaches middle/high school science in a British model (IB, A-level, and IGCSE) and he has the voice to match!

Alex Nixon caught my attention earlier this winter with several thoughtful tweets in the #flipclass hashtag. Clicking on his Twitter profile led me to learn more about his “Science Sauce” resources and insights, and I soon realized that Alex deserves greater recognition in the flipped learning community.

Unfortunately for those of us in the Western Hemisphere, the school where Alex teaches is in Bahrain which is 7 hours ahead of my time zone. Otherwise we might have participated together in Mondays’ #flipclasschat sessions. Alex certainly seems eager to connect, collaborate, commiserate, and otherwise communicate with flippers. His TeachSauce vlogs have inspired me to try something similar soon — check out his recent takedown of broken assessments!

You can watch the entire interview in the embedded box above, or use some of these time tags for a particular area of interest. (Note that this will open a new window at the specified time.)

2:30 — How Alex got started with flipping … and then how he got schooled by his own wife!

4:30 — We learn some nuts & bolts of how and when Alex makes his videos, and changes in his production process over the past several years. (Here is a link to the video Alex referenced in our interview, where he snaps his fingers to coincide with greenscreen background changes.)

7:13 — Alex tackles the issue of time: why lengthy video production might be the right choice for some teachers, but not for everybody…


Andrew Swan
Andrew Swan teaches 8th grade US History/Government at Bigelow MS in Newton Massachusetts, where we has worked since 2004. Andrew has been flipping nearly all direct instruction since 2013. He is a FLN Board Member and a Co-Director of The SSChat Network. His teenaged children and wonderful wife usually indulge his blogging, tweeting, golfing, & other strange behaviors. You can contact Andrew on Twitter @flipping_A_tchr and his website: www.flippingawesometeaching.com.


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