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Interview: Early Adopter Heather Witten


Heather Witten is a high school Spanish teacher in the state of Colorado in the U.S. Heather attended one of the first flipped classroom conferences run by pioneers Sams and Bergmann back in 2011, and the rest is history (or, well, in this case, Spanish!).

Come explore flipped learning with Heather and Flipped Learning Network Community Administrator Kelly Walsh.

Check out these handy time tags to jump to parts of the video that are of particular interest (these are available in the Description section for the video as well).

0:25 – Tell us about yourself – what you teach, where you teach, etc.
1:40 – You were an early adopter of flipped learning, what got you interested in trying this approach?
3:11 – How did you find your way forward?
5:12 – Was access a significant challenge back when you started flipping your classroom?
7:20 – Tell us about flipping the language classroom, what has changed, what is new and different?
9:37 – What are students typically expected to do outside of class?
13:34 – Talk about how you’ve given students more choices (and more ownership of learning) and the parameters that help to make this work?
15:31 – Any other pedagogical techniques that have you been better able to explore in the flipped classroom?
16:45 – Are there any specific technologies or techniques that have been particularly helpful?
20:58 – What are some of the successes that you’ve experienced that appear to be supported by flipped learning?
22:31 – So what’s next?
24:04 – What sort of demands on your time has flipping the classroom presented and how has this changed over time?
26:58 – Where can we find you online?



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Kelly Walsh
Kelly Walsh is the CIO at The College of Westchester in White Plains, NY, where he also teaches as a member of the Faculty of Administration. In 2009, Walsh founded the popular website EmergingEdTech.com, where he and others write regularly about engaging students and enhancing learning outcomes with the aid of technology as a tool. In 2013, Walsh was ranked at #3 by the Huffington Post in a listing of the “Top 100 Social CIOs in Higher Education,” and in succeeding years he has repeatedly been included in Top 100 Social CIO listings ranking CIOs across all industries. Walsh is a staunch advocate of flipped learning. In 2013, he published the eBook Flipped Classroom Workshop-in-a-Book. In June of 2016, Walsh became Community Administrator for the Flipped Learning Network.


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